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Tricky Quickie Quiz Questions and Answers:

8/2/13:  Q: The effects of this can last up to the 2 weeks; what is it? A: a vacation!
8/1/13:  Q: In a recent survey, more than 70% of us said we'd rather do this...than gain 25 pounds of extra weight; what is it? A: Assume more debt!!!
7/31/13: Q: The average American adult admits to having this at least once a day; what is it? A:  a soda!
7/30/13: Q: According to a new survey, the average American family does this more than 100 times a year, or approximately 10 times a month; what is it? A: Eat dinner together at home!
7/29/13: Q: Although nearly 90% of us do....surprisingly, 10% of us do NOT have one of these; what is it? A: an alarm clock!
7/26/13: Q: Approximately 1,400 of these can be expected this year; what are they? A: Baby boys born in Great Britain named "George" in honor of Prince William & Kate's  Royal baby, George Alexander Louis.
7/25/13: Q: Less than 30% of college graduates have this; what is it? A: A job related to their major...
7/23/13: Q: More than 90% of women get turned on when they see a man do this; what is it? A: Cry at a wedding!!!!
7/22/13: Q: The ages of 23 and 69 have this in common; what is it? A: The ages when people are HAPPIEST! Happiness peaks at age 23 & then again at age 69. We're most miserable in our mid 50's, and then again after age 75!
7/17/13: Q: A new study finds that  your teenage kids will love you even more if you do this; what is it? A: "friend" & "follow" them on Facebook!
7/16/13: Q: 90% of American households do this. Sunday is the most popular day to do it. What is it? A: eat ice cream!!!!
7/15/13: Q: What can an infant do up until the age of 7 months, that an an adult can't do; what is it? A: breathe & swallow at the same time (comes in handing during nursing & drinking from a bottle!).
7/12/13: Q: A newborn baby has 9 million of these; what are they? A: Fellow babies, in the world, who share the same birthday.
7/9/13:   Q: According to a new survey, we get annoyed 7 times a day by these things; (top 5): Pushy salespeople; email spam; foreign call centers for customer service; being put on hold; people who don't clean up after their dogs & they all have this in common; what is it? A: they're all annoying things that are beyond our control.
7/8/13:   Q: 67% of us say our families yell at us when we do this on vacation; what is it? A: do work; answer e-mail, or text messages from your boss.
6/28/13: Q: Officers workers who do this take over 60% more sick days than those who don't do this; what is it? A: Work in an "open space" floor plan! the office CUBICLE is on its way back!!!
6/27/13: Q: 10% of us can say this about ourselves...but the number is nearly triple among pro baseball players; what is it? A: Being LEFT-handed!
6/26/13: Q: Women think that this instantly makes a man look 12% more attractive; what is it? A: wearing a plain white T-shirt!!!!
6/25/13: Q: According to a new study, nearly 85% of us have been bothered by this. But, even though it's very annoying....two-thirds of us are still willing to put up with it. What is it? A:Having our sleep interrupted by snoring; either by our partners, or our own!!!!
6/24/13: Q: According to a new survey we spend just over $400 a month; or almost $4,900 a year (about 10% of the average American's salary) on this ---- what is it? A: Work-related expenses!
($240 @ month-commuting; gas & parking;$90 @ month- lunch & snacks; $1 @ month-coffee; $9.50 @ month- birthday & retirement gifts for co-workers; $24 @ month- wardrobe;  $3 @ month-co-worker's charity walks, their kids' cookies, candy, & $10.50 @ month -other donations; and additional expenses you forgot to claim!!!!....a total of about $400 @ month or almost $4,900 @ month!!!!!
6/19/13: Q: 1 in 5 women regret this; what is it? A:what they named their kid(s)!
6/18/13: Q: The Average American MOM experiences this at least 5 times a day...15% up to 10 times a day; what is it? A: STRESS!!!! (most stressful time: 11:56AM; followed by 8:01AM)
6/17/13: Q: Nearly 90% of American office workers say that this is when they're most productive; what is it? A: when they work ALONE!!!! (only 10% believe that Teamwork is a way to get things done!?!?)
6/14/13: Q: 49% of us will be doing this on Sunday; what is it? A:Barbecuing/Grilling food outside! (Father's Day is the 4th biggest grilling day behind July 4th, Memorial Day, & Labor Day!)
6/13/13: Q: According to a study, the average American man has 5 of these...while the average woman has 7; what is it? A: different hairstyles in their lifetime!
6/12/13: Q: Women pay for this 15% of the time; men 85%....what is it? A: Child $upport!
6/11/13: Q: Women do this half as much as men do; what is it? A: Shake hands!!
6/10/13: Q: This is tops on most Dads' bucket-lists, even ahead of skydiving; what is it? A: racecar driving!
6/7/13:  Q: More people die participating in this sport than in any other; what is it? A: Swimming
6/6/13:  Q: Although we're encouraged to do this with others, 75% of us do it alone; what is it? A: Commute to work.
6/5/13:  Q: 1 in 14  families allow their kids to do this; what is it? A: Decide where the family goes for summer vacation!
6/4/13:  Q: The U.S. produces the most of this...although consumers in France & Greece buy the most per capita; what is it? A: CHEESE  (today is Nat'l Cheese Day!)
6/3/13:  Q: today it's half the size, yet 4 times more expensive, than it was 25 yrs ago; what is it? A: A BIKINI!
5/31/13: Q: 60% of bosses don't believe you when you tell them this; what is it? A: When you call in & say you're sick and can't come in to work
5/30/13: Q: 40% of households now have a female who is this; what is it? A: the BREAD WINNER
5/29/13: Q: 1 in 5 women think their husband or boyfriend is the one who's this type of person in their relationship; what is it? A: high maintenance!
5/28/13: Q: 2 out of 3 single women say they'd like to do this during the summer months; what is it? A: Stay single!!!
5/24/13: Q: Two-thirds of women say they'd be willing to date this kind of man; what is it? A: A GEEK!
5/23/13: Q: According to a new survey, most of us have NOT been to many of our nation's most famous landmarks; #5 - White House; #4 - Hollywood sign; #3 - Gateway Arch in St Louis; #2 - Yellowstone Nat'l Park in Wyoming; and this is @ #1; what is it? A: Space Needle Tower in Seattle!
5/15/13: Q: 1 in 16 people have checked their work e-mail in this situation (besides at a funeral); what is it? A: while they or their spouse is in labor delivering a baby.
5/14/13: Q: 4 out of 5 women have lied about this (in a relationship); what is it? A: their former boyfriends, or how many partners they've previously had before their current one
5/13/13: Q: According to a new survey, 50% of people admit that they've done this over a 3 or more day period; what is it? A: go 3 or more days without showering!
5/9/13: Q: Every time this happens, you become 20% dumber (stupider?); what is it? A: when a co-worker talks to you, distracts you & interrupts your train of thought!!!
5/8/13: Q: The odds of this occurring are approximately 1 in 67 million; what is it? A: Making 2 holes in 1, in the same round of golf!!!!
5/7/13: Q: It's average speed is approximately 85 mph; what is it? A: a man's golf swing.
5/6/13: Q:Over 65% of us have done this in the past year...& on average, we do it almost 6 times a year; what is it? A:go to the movies!
5/3/13: Q: This can boost your immunity, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, & improve your mood; what is it? A: singing in the shower (to the Biggest Hits on the Big D Morning Show!!!).
5/2/13  Q:33% of adults admit to doing this....& it's the thing that annoys us all the most! What is it? A: YELLING at your slow-running computer!!!!
5/1/13: Q: Nearly half of men do this, while just less than one third of women do this; what is it? A: fall in love at first sight!...
4/30/13: Q: We spent an entire 10 months of our adult life doing this (8-8:30 mins a day!); what is it? A: Talking about the weather!
4/29/13: Q: According to a new survey, only 10-15% of women would be upset if a man did this on a first date; what is it? A: pay with a coupon!!!
4/26/13: Q: The average American consumes nearly 2 lbs of this annually (unless you live in the Greater Philadelphia area, where they consume 24 lbs on average!); what is it? A: Pretzels!
4/25/13: Q: This is something that each & every one of who drives into work in the morning has (it was 1st introduced on this date, 4/25/1901); what is it? A: a vehichle license plate!
4/24/13: Q:The average person does this between 250 & 275 times a year; what is it? A: break the law (more likely a minor crime like: stealing office supplies; or packets of condiments from a restaurant; or jay-walking or walk after sign says "don't walk!")
4/23/13: Q:The average person who does this spends aboiut $4,500 @ yr, or $180,000 over their adult working years; what is it? A: buys coffee!!!
4/22/13: Q:192 of the world's 196 countries observe this (since 4/22/1970); what is it? A: Earth Day!
4/19/13: Q: This occurs more often between 4 & 5 a.m. than at any other time of the day or night; what is it? A: a toothache!
4/18/13 :Q: Nearly 70% of women surveyed said that a "real" man can do this; what is it? A: parallel park!
4/17/13: Q: Supposedly 57% of us have intentionally done this to someone else; what is it? A: damaged their car!...not smashed it --- but scratched or keyed it!!!
4/16/13: Q: 46% of parents are adamant about telling their children not to do this; what is it? A: to not follow in their footsteps when it comes to pursuing a career path!
4/15/13: Q: According to a new survey, 1 in 7 Americans admit to having done this, at least once; what is it? A: File income tax returns LATE!
4/12/13: Q: 49% of parents said "yes" to this question; 51% said said "no" to this same question....what is it? A: Should schools require students to wear uniforms?
4/11/13: Q: 40% of dog owners admit to having done this; what is it? A: call home & talk through the voice message/answering machine to say "hi" to their pet!
4/10/13: Q: More than 50% of women break off a relationship with a man due to this; what is it? A: the man's taste in music!!!
4/9/13: Q: According to a new survey, 56% of women think their husband or boyfriend has lied to them about this...just to end a shopping trip; what is it? A: (while they're trying on clothing)... that they look good in an outfit.
4/8/13: Q: Between 30 & 40 Million American kids do this every year; what is it? A: play on a soccer team!
4/5/13: Q: Canada's westernmost (& smallest) territory, home of our continebt's 2nd highest mountain (Mt. Logan); what is it? A: the Yukon!
4/4/13: Q: 85% of coaches fall into this category; what is it? A: Dads, coaching their own kids.
4/3/13: Q: There is one of these for nearly every person in America (90 per 100 people); what is it? A: Gun! actual ownership is approximated to be around 30% of adults; or 1 in every 4 Americans
4/2/13: Q: Over a 15 to 20 yr period, you'll cover almost 8,000 miles & spend close to $18,000 on this; what is it? A: Walking your dog (500-600 miles per yr) & visits to the vet (approx 25).
4/1/13: Q: According to a new survey by NSF International, this is the most bateria-contaminated item in your kitchen; what is it? A: #1) vegetable/meat compartment (bottom drawers); #2) rubber seal under the blade of your blender; #3) can opener; #4) rubber spatula; #5) rubber-sealed storage containers
3/29/13: Q: 70% of kids, ages 6 - 11, say they prefer to eat this particular candy in this manner on Easter; what is it? A: Eat jellybeans 1 at a time!!!
3/28/13: Q: This is responsible for between 6,000 & 7,000 deaths in America every year; what is it? A: Doctors' sloppy handwriting on prescriptions for medications & medical procedures!!!
3/27/13: Q: On average you'll have 12 of these in your career; what is it? A: pay raises at work!
3/26/13: Q: More than 2/3's of people agree on this; what is it? A: The best way to eat a marshmellow peep is to bite the head off 1st! (13% say tails 1st...16% take little bites all over)
3/25/13: Q: This is where you have the most arguments; what is it? A: a parking lot!
3/22/13: Q: According to a recent survey, 2 out of 5 Americans do this ----nearly half of men admit to it, while only one in three women admit to having done it; what is it? A: double dipping chips!!!
3/21/13: Q: This is 12 times more distracting than talking on your cell phone while driving; what is it? A: driving with kids in the cars!!! the average baby is 8 times more distracting than an adult passenger!
3/20/13: Q: Saturday is rated the #1 day of the week for doing this...Tuesday is ranked #7; what is it? A: Having sex! (Saturday is ranked as the "sexiest" day of the week!)
3/19/13: Q: According to a new survey, 4 out 5 working adults have this; what is it? A: checking work-related email from a bar!
3/18/13: Q: According to a new study by the Center for Disease Control, women do this more (on a daily & weekly basis) more than men by a margin of 21% to 16%; what is ist? A: Worry!!!
3/14/13: Q: At LEAST 1/3 of Women Do This At LEAST Once A Month; what is it? A: Lie About Something...On FACEBOOK!
3/13/13: Q: This change in your life is met with the most resistance; what is it? A: Changing banks!!!!!
3/12/13: Q: 48% of women do this when driving; 40% of men do this...what is it? A: swear, curse!!!!
3/11/13: Q: 40% of Americans will take up to 7 days to this, this week; what is it? A: Adjust to the change from Standard to Daylight Savings Time!
3/8/13: Q: You could spend between 3 & 4 YEARS of your life doing this (90 mins @ day; 23 days or 3 wks@ yr); what is it? A: Using your cell phone! (texting; using apps; going online; taking photos; checking e-mail; and actually making phone calls!)
3/7/13: Q: The average adult does this almost 50 times a week (7 times per day), and a least once a day, it's faked --- what is it? A: a smile! (the smile most faked....one you give your boss!)
3/6/13: Q: Women do this 3 times less than men do (men do this 3 times more than women do); what is it? A: Lie!
3/5/13: Q: There are more than 60 new variaties of this product released each year; what is it? A: Toothpaste!
3/4/13: Q: Only 42% of women agree with this statement, that 90% of men agree with; what is it? A: Women have way too many pairs of shoes!!!!
3/1/13: Q: The average woman owns 4 of these, but only uses 2; what is it? A: Bottles of perfume
2/28/13: Q: A research study shows that when a woman wears this she can appear to be 10-15 lbs thinner to a man; what is it? A: The right fragrance/perfume!
2/27/13: Q: Over 30% of divorced women say that this is the best part of being single; what is it? A: Having complete control of the TV remote!
2/26/13: Q: The average woman does this approximately 266 times @ week...while men do it 126 times a week on average; what is it? A: look in the mirror.
2/25/13: Q: 90% of adults do this right before they go to bed at night; what is it? A: Count how many hours of sleep they're going to get!
2/22/13: Q: The average woman spends almost 475 days of her entire life doing this; what is it? A: Putting on make up!!!
2/21/13: Q: Today the average American consumes less than half as much of this as people did about 60 years ago; what is it? A: Coffee!!! (according to the US Dept of Agriculture, America's obsession with coffee peaked in 1946!!!
2/20/13: Q: 15% of adults did this last night; what is it? A: dressed up their pets !?!?!...
2/19/13: Q: 17% of Americans do this, and apparently can't help themselves; what is it? A: Are chronically late!..."lateness addiction" ingrained in their personality!?!?!?
2/14/13: Q: This is the #1 thing single people want to do on Valentine's Day; what is it? A: Hang out with their pets at home!!!! ...#2 - going to dinner by themselves
2/15/13: Q: Just over 40% of American women ever wear this to bed....what is it? A: make-up.
2/13/13: Q: 60% of us will this...this year (this month!); what is it? A: Celebrate Valentine's Day! (93% celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa; 88% July 4th; 83% Mother's Day; 82% Easter; 77% Father's Day....60% Valentine's Day...54% St.Patrick's Day)
2/12/13: Q: 28% of people say that they find this more useful, or more helpful than their significant other; what is it? A: their (cell/smart) phone!
2/11/13: Q: It takes the average married couple 3 1/2 years to do this; what is it? A: begin taking each other for granted!
2/7/13: Q: If you spare just 21 minutes a year ( approx. 7 mins. 3 x 2 yr.) ...you'll probably never ever get divorced; what is it? A: Write an essay in a journal about your marriage, including arguments..FROM YOUR SPOUSE'S PERSPECTIVE!!!!!
2/6/13  Q: There's just a 3% of this happening to you --- and, it'll cost you about $4,700 before it actually does; what is it? A: Having a 1st date turn into marriage!!!
2/5/13: Q: 36% of us plan on doing this for Valentine's Day; what is it? A: Texting sexy photos of ourselves to someone on Valentine's Day!
2/4/13: Q: In ONLY 5% of couples in Amercia, the woman is this; what is it? A: TALLER! (the avarage American man is 5.5" taller than his wife or girlfriend. Survey also found that women don't like men who are more than 10" taller than them)
1/31/13 Q: 1 in 7 men have done this...1 in 11 have also done it; what is it? A: Dated their ex's brother or sister!
1/30/13: Q: Almost 60% of us have LIED about THIS so we'd be accepted by someone else; what is it? A: Liking a paticular song, group, or type of music!
1/28/13: Q: 1 in 12 people have done this at work; what is it? A: Stolen someone else's lunch from the refrigerator at work!!!!
1/25/13: Q: 75% of men claim they do this (although fewer probably actually do); what is it? A: Wash their hands after using the bathroom!!!
1/24/13: Q: According to a new survey , 6 out of 7 of us do this...more than half do this between 10 & 20 mins. @ week...that's over 12 hrs. @ year...or between 40 & 45 days over your entire lifetime; what is it? A: Being put on hold when you call a business!
1/23/13: Q: 43% of men...& 33% of women admit to having done this; what is it? A: Keep a major secret from their partner!
1/22/13: Q: 50% of us take 30 mins to do this...20% of us take 15 mins to do it...17% take 60 mins to do this...13% take as much time as they want to do this; what is it? A: Take a lunchbreak during work!
1/18/13: Q: 1 in 9 men secretly do this; what is it? A: Wear Makeup! ( & of those who do,18% use bronzer; 31% use mascara; 49% use eyeliner; 64% use lip gloss; 71% use concealer)
1/17/13: Q: Vermont is #1 with the most of this --- Rhode Island, Massachucetts, NY, & NJ among the 10 states with the fewest of this; what is it? A: PETS! (there are 70 million dogs in the U.S...& 74 million cats!!!)
1/16/13: Q: 4 in 5 women women want this; what is it? A: To Pay For Their Own Dinner On A Date! (50% are okay with paying the entire bill...)